Title: Outsourcing the design work helped the leading furniture manufacturer from US to decrease the cost by 50% and achieve 100% in-time delivery
Client: An industry leader in manufacturing custom furniture for malls, shopping center, corporate offices, etc.
Requirement: The client required to partner with someone with deep domain knowledge and industry expertise to handle their furniture projects end-to-end and deliver the result with 100% quality.


  • The manufacturer required us to handle the end-to-end solution for their projects
  • 100% quality deliverables required as all the manufacturing data was directly going to the shop floor
  • The lead time for the project was very less and the manufacturer was too strict about their schedules.

Software used: Autodesk Inventor

Solution & Approach:

The manufacturer partnered with SCS to address the major issues such as designing, engineering and design validation. AS SCS has their own in-house team of modellers, drafters and engineers we soon took up the opportunity and in now time were started with the project.

Quality: SCS was able to achieve the milestone of 100% quality mark as per the requirement of client and were able to deliver the documents with 100% accuracy.

Turnaround Time: By partnering with SCS the client was able to focus their resources more on the project monitoring and production planning which in turn lead to a delivery of the project 10% before time.
Design Validation: Through FEA solutions from SCS, clients were able to identify the weak areas in the furniture and were able to optimise their solution at the design phase.

SCS Services:

Furniture 3D modelling in Autodesk Inventor
Manufacturing drawings in Autodesk Inventor
Creating manufacturing documents
Finite Element Analysis

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