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Welcome to SynnopTech CAD Solutions - Your Trusted Partner in BIM Modelling

Are you looking for cutting-edge BIM solutions to elevate your construction projects to new heights? Well, look no further. SynnopTech CAD Solutions offers a range of BIM LOD 100-500 Modelling Services specially tailored for companies in Europe, North America, and Australia.

Unlocking the Potential of BIM LOD 100-500 Modelling Services

Unlocking the Potential of BIM LOD 100-500 Modelling Services

SynnopTech CAD Solutions is a company that thrives on providing personalised solutions to prestigious clients who have a variety of requirements. We guarantee unwavering accuracy, relentless efficiency, and unparalleled precision throughout the entirety of your project because we embrace BIM LOD 100-500 Modelling Services.

1.LOD 100: Concept Design - Laying the Foundation

In the initial stages of your project, we create a conceptual model that defines crucial parameters such as area, height, volume, location, and orientation. This level serves as the foundation on which your vision will take shape.

2.LOD 200: General Modelling with Schematic Design

As your ideas evolve, we transform them into reality by modelling elements with approximate quantities, sizes, shapes, locations, and orientations. Our team can also embed non-geometric information within model elements, enhancing the decision-making process.

3.LOD 300: Accurate Modelling and Detailed Design

For meticulous planners, LOD 300 is a game-changer. SynnopTech CAD Solutions provide accurate modelling and detailed shop drawings, defining elements with precise assemblies, quantities, sizes, shapes, locations, and orientations. This level ensures a seamless transition from design to execution.

4.LOD 350: Greater Detail and Construction Documentation

For those seeking enhanced detailing and construction documentation, LOD 350 is the ideal choice. Our models showcase how building elements interface with various systems, accompanied by clear graphics and comprehensive written definitions.

5.LOD 400: Fabrication and Assembly

Taking a step further, LOD 400 brings model elements to life as specific assemblies. Our services include fabrication, assembly, and detailed information, providing an unparalleled level of accuracy and clarity.

6.LOD 500: As-Built Models

At the final stage, we deliver as-built models that mirror the constructed reality. Accurate in every sense - size, shape, location, quantity, and orientation - our LOD 500 models empower you with essential data for smooth operations and maintenance.

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Sen Kalworn

I would recommend using their services because they offer professional CAD solutions that will suit your needs as well as provide all the necessary support for any work you may need done onsite or off site at competitive rates.

Oliver Jacks

SynnopTech CAD Solutions is one of the best engineering company. I must say what an amazing group and team they are having, with such dedication to work for clients 100% accuracy in any project they take on!

Albert Mars

If your business needs design or drafting, they're the ones for you! There's also BIM consultation where their staff will help automate drawings with 3D visualization software so you can view what it'll look like before starting construction.

Johns Martin

A very well organised consulting organisation having competitive attitude towards providing the cutting edge engineering services to the wide range of industrial as well as commercial projects.

Thomas Heny

A consulting company with a very professional and well-organised attitude, who pride themselves on providing cutting edge engineering services for projects in all fields of civil engineering.

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