Title: Conversion of Kitchen furniture design from Hand drawn sketch to Production ready drawings using 2020 Design

Client: World class bespoke kitchen furniture solutions manufacturing client from USA

Requirement: The client required a preferable vendor who is capable of converting their hand drawn sketches in to production ready drawings using 2020 Design software


  • The manufacturer has the preference in a niche software i.e. 2020 Design
  • 100% quality deliverables required as all the manufacturing data was directly going to the shop floor
  • The inputs of the hand drawn sketches are not easy to interpret

Software used: 2020 Design

Solution & Approach:

SCS took up the challenge of learning the new niche software, and in no time adopted to the working standards of the client. SCS was able to recreate the models and their drawings in 2020 Design with the same quality and in same lead time as the in-house design team of the client.

Quality: SCS was able to achieve the milestone of 100% quality mark as per the requirement of client and were able to deliver the documents with 100% accuracy.

Turnaround Time: By partnering with SCS the client was able to focus their resources more on the project monitoring and production planning which in turn lead to a delivery of the project before time.

Cost Effectivity: By partenering with SCS client were able to cut down their design cost by 50% in a span of 2 months.

SCS Services:
Kitchen Furniture 3D modelling in 2020 Design
Manufacturing drawings in 2020 Design
Creating manufacturing documents

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