Title: Developing the CAD data and patent documents for a pipe cutting machine manufacturer

Client: Pipe cutting machine manufacturer from Europe

Requirement: The client had developed a holder for the pipe cutting machine which he wanted to get patented and for that he wanted to develop the detailed CAD drawings for the fixture and reverse engineered drawings for complete machine


  • As the machine being at client’s location in Europe was inaccessible to our designers
  • We were not in a position to make any mistakes as it will turn up in to rejection in getting patent

Software used: SolidWorks 2019

Solution & Approach:

Our designers visited the site at client’s office in Europe and collected data for preparing the CAD model of the machine in SolidWorks. We created overall hand drawn sketches from measuring the machine and documented them. The fixture which needed utmost attention was brought to our HQ, where we measured all the dimensions required to design the fixture in SolidWorks.

Quality: The client was successfully awarded the patent for the design

Cost Effectivity: By partenering with SCS client were able to cut down their design cost by 50% in the complete project.

SCS Services:
Reverse Engineering
Manufacturing drawings
Creating manufacturing documents
Patent consulting

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