June 22, 2023

Tips for Efficient SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal Modeling

Part design is just as crucial to effective sheet metal fabrication as manufacturing, and Synnoptech CAD Solutions only employs the best technology for both. Synnoptech CAD Solutions empowers engineers with SOLIDWORKS and its amazing capability as a CAD provider.

Together Synnoptech CAD Solutions expertise and SOLIDWORKS Capabilities has helped many companies speed up and ease the production. SOLIDWORKS provides a wide range of capabilities, but we employ best practices to streamline the process.


Top SOLIDWORKS design advice is provided here:

Your SOLIDWORKS sheet metal design should first be centered

Although there are several methods to start creating a bespoke sheet metal part, Synnoptech CAD Solutions advises doing so in the middle of your design space.

Designers occasionally skew or draw features off to the side without realizing it matters, but it does. Put the part’s center exactly in the center of your design area, which you should consider to be a canvas.

More freedom and flexibility are available with this method right away during the design phase. Should you eventually decide to use strategies like mating and mirroring, it may even prevent rework.

Use the shell tool for intricate designs

Engineers can draw their parts one bend at a time using a sheet metal function in SolidWorks. Simple sheet metal pieces may be made with this approach just fine, but creating more complicated parts may be difficult.

To preserve uniform material thickness, design the basic shape using the shell tool instead. You can change the design to sheet metal production once your shell has been rendered.

Send your shell to our staff at Synnoptech CAD Solutions, and we’ll modify it for you if you want an even simpler alternative.

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Streamline the addition of hardware

Most engineers are working too hard to incorporate hardware to their designs without even realizing it. They will download the hardware as a 3D CAD file from a vendor website, and then add it to their model with 4-5 clicks.

You might not think that clicking four or five times takes much time, but if you’re working on a lot of devices at once, all those clicks add up to lost time.

At Synnoptech CAD Solutions, we use a SOLIDWORKS technique that is effective for dragging and dropping hardware so that it automatically snaps into the right holes.

We would be happy to assist you if you are having trouble with the custom metal fabrication design process or are currently working with a manufacturer who isn’t giving you the time you need.


SOLIDSWORKS is really powerful and using it the right way would prove even more beneficial and enhance productivity. We really hope these tips are for all who are using SOLIDWORKS. Synnoptech CAD Solutions provides effective sheet metal modeling services Using SOLIDWORKS technology, . For help with the design procedures for custom metal fabrication, contact Synnoptech CAD Solutions.

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