June 15, 2023

Why Should You Consider SolidWorks Drafting in Metal Products Design?

SolidWorks is a reputable CAD program for creating thorough sheet metal design drawings. SolidWorks drawing addresses personalization difficulties, reduces engineering design time, boosts quality, and helps with design standard compliance with a number of features and functionality.

The efficiency of sheet metal production projects depends on how well the CAD shop’s design briefing is executed. As products become more customized, design briefs grow more precise and detailed. Hence, the final designs go through a number of iterative processes before being handed over to the machine shop.

2D drafting is time-consuming and unsuitable for dealing with this degree of design intricacy and detail. Platforms for 3D CAD are crucial in this situation.

Small- and medium-sized sheet metal fabricators get advantage from 3D design drafting because of its speed, adaptability, and high quality. Iterations are shortened and design development is accelerated by the parametric capabilities and sheet metal modeling in SolidWorks. They consider shop floor practices as well to enhance design drafting effectively.


Great design and drawing require a variety of skills, a working knowledge of production procedures and materials, cost awareness, and an understanding of manufacturing capabilities. Hence, a sheet metal designer must wear many hats in order to produce strong, optimized designs that are compatible with fabrication techniques and operating requirements.

Among the difficulties faced by manufacturers in the SME sector are:

  • Utilizing sheet metal features and DFM principles to produce error-free models.
  • CAD cloud technology or CAM integration with PLM for cost-effective solutions.
  • Incorporating freeform development and DFM requirements into a sophisticated CAD software framework.

From idea creation to precise technical drafting, SolidWorks provides an excellent fit for end-to-end drafting requirements. It has a collection of sheet metal design drafting tools that can make creating parts simple.


Let’s examine a few advantages of employing SolidWorks particularly for drawing and designing sheet metal:


Users of SolidWorks have the ability to design the component as a non-sheet metal 3D model, which may then be transformed into sheet metal to satisfy DFM requirements. The designer can also start using sheet metal right away if the component is simple and has all of its components carefully considered.

Logical design

You have the design freedom to create sheet metal parts and precise virtual prototypes with SolidWorks 3D intuitive sheet metal design. Designing for sheet metal requires careful planning on the part of designers.

SolidWorks’ sheet metal modeling tools are user-friendly

The relevant design elements for sheet metal products should be included in a single 3D model in order to ensure clear communication of the design purpose and SolidWorks provides all this with its specialized sheet metal design drafting features.

Sketching and modeling of designs with ease

The design engineer may gradually complete the model with the required level of design detailing thanks to SolidWorks’ user-friendly application interface.

Technical documentation that is effective

Together with fundamental 3D sheet metal modeling, the designer must complete a number of technical duties when developing sheet metal components.

Expandable software architecture

SolidWorks’ 3D CAD software is a scalable and adaptable overall software architecture that includes several scripts, macros, and plug-ins that may be customized. Via APIs, it also enables the integration of external applications for manufacturing and sales. Because of its user interface’s relative simplicity, it requires less maintenance and training.

Advanced SolidWorks applications that include design automation

SolidWorks offers expanded applications that are compatible with manufacturing ecosystems and the digital product life cycle. More quickly than ever before, it enables businesses to move from idea design to prototype and manufacturing.

High-quality 3D representation for product sales and marketing

The designer can precisely replicate a real-world setting with lighting and cutting-edge materials using SolidWorks Visualize. Real-time model animation and 360-degree spins are made possible via high-level rendering.

All of this improves the user experience, sales effectiveness, and cross-value chain collaboration.

Creation of a configurator that is interactive

With the use of a visual product configurator, designers and manufacturers can construct CTO-based product solutions using SolidWorks and DriveWorks. In addition to incorporating product mix, advanced configurators automate the process from sales order to manufacturing.

The production process is digitized in this way. For sales, manufacturing, and supply chain, the configurator quickly produces documents like quotations, drawings, and Bills of Materials (BOM).

MBD’s design collaboration with several teams was seamless

The designer can generate 3D models and assemblies using SolidWorks MBD. With the use of these, 3D designs with production requirements can be produced.

Many users, including manufacturing, suppliers, and sales teams, directly retrieve the embedded data from the model. With precision and excellent teamwork, manufacturing is accelerated.


SolidWorks allows you to create precise, thorough designs. It is still one of the most widely used and dependable CAD tools for the vast majority of designers and manufacturers globally. By collaborating with knowledgeable CAD drafters, sheet metal fabricators may fully utilize the complex capabilities provided by the tool and preserve cost effectiveness.

Thanks to the built-in intelligence of DFM rules, SolidWorks helps in creating robust and elegant deliverables for sheet metal detailing. By utilizing cutting-edge programs like MBD and SolidWorks product configuration, businesses may also improve the value chain for design and manufacturing while extending the benefits to other areas like sales and marketing.

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