March 23, 2021

Evolution Of CAD In The Engineering Sector

With improving technology, there have been many drastic changes in our lives. Our living has become simpler and quicker. We have modern facilities for even small tasks. Similarly, our jobs have become significantly more convenient. Computer-aided design technology is one of the major contributions of technology that resulted in easy living. This article discusses this innovation, its evolution, and recent trends. Happy reading!


CAD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design technology. This technological advancement first came into the picture some six decades ago. Today, it has revolutionized major sectors of society. With enhanced features in the creation and modification of designs, CAD has impacted almost every walk of life. CAD technology is widely used in areas like construction, medicine, forensic science, automotive manufacturing, and many others. 


The first computer-aided design application happened in the 1960s when it was called a sketchpad. Later on, PRONTO, a numerical programming tool, used the earliest CAD software. Dr. Patrick J Hanratty designed this tool and is famous as the ‘father of CAD.’ Subsequently, CAD evolved from 2D to 3D designs and further on to parametric designs. Even today, CAD is evolving as technological advancement continues.


Talking about CAD getting better and better, we will discuss some of the most recent trends in CAD. Here are three important ones.

1.     Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Like it influences every other area, AI and IoT have a crucial impact on computer-aided designing as well. Using this top-notch technology, the designs become more accurate, sustainable and advanced. The automation factor helps in making designs and their analysis a lot simpler and time-saving. Add to that the best features that equip even a beginner to create high-quality designs efficiently.

2.     Cloud Tech

Cloud computing basically means storing things online but in a secure manner. This way, you can access the files anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is a technological contribution that helps users significantly. When CAD and cloud computing come together, it results in better software access on several devices. This positively impacts factors like cost, time, and mobility.

3.     Mobile-friendliness

One cannot undermine the role of mobile-friendly technology in the workspace. Most people access and use the internet on their mobile phone. With mobile access to CAD software, work becomes a lot easier. Huge businesses function anywhere and at any time on their mobiles. Analysis and designing can be done conveniently from your home on your smartphone.


In short, CAD has evolved considerably in the previous decade. CAD technology influences various industries that are closely associated with normal human existence. With the introduction of AI, we can expect an even more impactful transformation in this technology.

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