May 15, 2023

MEP Shop Drawings: 5 Advantages for Building Contractors

MEP shop drawings are technical engineering diagrams that show the arrangement of a building’s MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) systems. Designers rely on MEP designs when developing buildings, interiors, and exteriors to ensure that MEP components are installed efficiently. In this blog, we will discuss the advantages of using MEP shop drawings and why they are essential.


Accurate Component Installation

Accuracy is essential while working on commercial and industrial construction projects. Contractors depend on MEP shop drawings during the building process. These drawings show a model-based replica of the final installation and information about the component’s connections, dimensions, weight, and any connected plumbing or wiring. Having all necessary data documented and marked provides a complete overview of each MEP, ultimately resulting in a significant saving of time and money.

Clear Design and Visual

MEP shop drawings are crucial for building contractors since they thoroughly disclose the project’s design goal through clear design and visualisation. This gives MEP engineers and technicians more control over the design process and assists in the synchronisation of communication between the contractor, designer, and construction team. Furthermore, MEP shop drawings ensure that the contractor is complying with the design requirements and can be aware of any potential complications before they even develop.

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Accurate Budget Estimation

When it comes to budgeting for MEP components, contractors face a variety of issues. Using MEP shop drawings can provide a thorough and detailed overview of the project’s expenses, including material, labour, and other resources.

Product Standardisation

Another benefit of MEP shop drawings is product standardisation. It can help ensure that the components meet industry standards. This boosts the chances of getting licences and permits, especially in big projects with several contractors and suppliers. If the requirements are unclear, BIM engineers can create MEP shop drawings following well-defined AEC industry standards.

Accessibility and Training

Today, modern-day technologies are influencing the AEC sector. For example, contractors, fabricators, and suppliers can easily access MEP shop drawings with a single tap on mobile devices. Furthermore, trainees in the firm can access MEP sets via a shared cloud system, making this a fantastic opportunity for students or anyone interested in working in the AEC industry.

To Summarise

MEP shop drawings are a fantastic tool for building contractors. Detailing the project and its components helps them spot any potential issues during installation. To improve the workflow’s performance and save time, contractors should engage experts to create MEP shop drawings.

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